Product Launch @ Daigger

Launch your new product with rocket fuel. Put it in front of an audience that's eager proven itself receptive to new ideas in an omnichannel campaign they'll see everywhere they go. Show tens of thousands of customers how your new product makes their jobs easier or helps them look good to their colleagues and manager. Turn first time buyers into regular purchasers of your brand by capturing their attention and launching your product with Daigger - a name they already trust.

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    Over 75,000 Segmented Customers.
    Omnichannel Campaign, On All Platforms.
    12-Months of Promotion. Great Value.  

    What does your collaboration include?

    1. Assets

    Each collaboration includes creative direction and design of all digital assets. See the inclusions below.

    2. Email

    An open-rate and click-rate-optimized email marketing send to Daigger Scientific's most appropriate targeted audience for the product category. High buyer intent, first-party data, 100% accurate audience. Email banner and supporting body images (if appropriate) included.

    3. Product page

    A new product page will be built and optimized for search and conversions on The design will reflect the overall campaign direction, and will also include any peripheral assets your brand has created for the product (videos, images, infographics, demonstrations, etc...).

    4. Homepage graphics

    Your campaign graphics remain on the home page for 12 months. Once your homepage hero banner journey ends (1 week), your campaign graphics will remain in a manufacturer feature display further down on the homepage for a full year. This gives your campaign visibility to half a million purchasers visiting the homepage annually.

    5. Product feature

    Your product will be displayed as a “featured product” at the top of Daigger’s home page for 12 months. Prospects landing on the home page will not only see the banner asset for your campaign during the campaign’s first week. They’ll also see the best picture of your product above the fold for an entire year. That’s half a million qualified prospects looking at your product when they’re ready to buy.

    6. On-site search banner & listing boost

    Any time a customer searches for your brand, your product will appear in the website search results banner. Your new product will also appear before any other branded products in the search. You keep this position for 1 year. Image design included.

    7. Video pop-up on relevant pages

    If your product is an appropriate target for a pop-up video, we'll create a video pop-up to increase on-page conversions and customer engagement. .

    8. Shopping feed ads

    Show product-specific ads to the most targeted of users at the most critical points of the buying cycle. Beat out the competition with highly optimized products and capture eCommerce sales while keeping Cost-per-Acquisition low.

    9. Dynamic search ads

    Using a highly advanced targeting algorithm, show targeted text ads to interested users. These ads adjust and adapt to each user's unique search query. Get highly targeted ads visible to users when they need it most.

    10. Youtube video ads

    As the 2nd largest search engine in the world, YouTube's ability to deliver exposure is unprecedented. Visitors who have viewed your product or brand on Daigger's website are shown targeted video ads the next time they watch something on YouTube. This keeps your products top of mind with the most relevant users, ultimately capturing more eCommerce sales.

    11. Social media

    To make sure your new product appears everywhere Daigger's customers are, you get 3 social media posts on Daigger's LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google My Business pages. These run over the course of 1 month. Image design included.

    12. Social sharing

    Social media is about community. Your social posts will be shared into relevant LinkedIn communities.

    13. Evaluation

    We'll look at the stats and translate results into advice for how you can do more to get this product in more labs.

    14. Reporting

    An in-depth analytics report will be generated upon completion of the collaboration. An in-person debrief is available via Zoom, which you can book online, any time, right here

    Take work off your shoulders, but take all the credit.

    You can provide all the materials for your co-op journey if you want. Or Collaborating Company, part of the Journey Group, can build all the assets at no extra cost and take the work off your shoulders. All you have to do is:

    • Sign up for this collaboration.
    • Tell us what products you want to sell more of.
    • Watch your campaign launch and do its magic.
    • Receive praise from your colleagues and manager for your amazing work.

    All you have to do is say yes. We do the rest.

    Go back to the top and claim your audience

    What could your product launch look like?

    See how other brands have used their collaborations to massively increase sales, customer engagement, and brand recognition with Daigger's large audience. Then, think about whether you want your competitors to have the same success, or if you want to capture it all for yourself.

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